The Biggest Poker Tournaments in Europe

The Biggest Poker Tournaments in Europe

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Imagine being the grand winner of a Poker tournament in Europe. Knowing where to play is crucial, and that is why the biggest poker tournaments in Europe are listed here. The best part is there are several events in a year which you can be part of. The European Poker Tour and the Battle of Malta are both popular poker tournament events that take place all across Europe. They equally attract players from all over the world not only because of the jovial games, but also the extravagant prizes are tempting. Just read on to find out more about them.

European Poker Tour

The European Poker Tour is held yearly with a series of major city events throughout Europe. The schedule of tours is not the same per year, just like where the events are. However, some locations are used more often like Barcelona, London, and Dublin. There are about ten events in every season, which has remained the same since it was started in 2004. Each event in the tour has a buy-in of €5,000, but some tournaments can go higher. Usually, you can also participate in side events included in each tournament that have smaller buy-ins if that is what you are interested in.

Battle of Malta

The Battle of Malta has a smaller buy-in at €555, and you can already participate in a multitude of online sites. You can also compete in live games located at Malta and all across Europe. Discover popular events like MPN Poker, Crazy 888s, and Ladies Event. In 2018, the prize pool was only a little less than €2,000,000. The €300,000 was reserved to the winner, and all players received over €100,000. Super High Roller is added for the first time this year with a total buy-in of €5,300. Due to the popularity of the event, 25 poker tables are being added.